Bridge-ing the Gap – Poster


Bridge-ing the gap – mixed media on canvas (This is a print of the original painting)

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Bridge-ing the gap – mixed media on canvas (Print of original version)

‘Here the Tara presented in her exact classical Buddhist measurements.‘ said
Norbu. ‘The Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam is superimposed in its exact
relative measurements depicting the harmonious intersection of East and
West.‘ Tara’s backbone and her lower “chakras” correspond with the contra
weight of this bridge.

Tara is always one step ahead of a situation and ready to help the sentient
beings. She is always depicted with her right foot close to earth and her right
hand showing the right path to enlightenment. This figure has the classical
outline, but the inside is adjusted to the artist’s ideas as he created a special
metallic look which corresponds so well to the steel bridge. The background of
the painting is filled with Sanskrit ancient scriptures and the mantra of the
universal compassionate mind, (Om Mani Padme Hum) bringing happiness
and suggesting Tara’s role as a spiritual mother who takes care of all and

brings peace and happiness.

Title: Bridge-ing the Gap – mixed media on canvas 213x 130 cm


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